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Water Lines Installation

Professional Water Lines Installation

Whether you have an existing building, or are looking at new construction, the team at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service can help with your plumbing needs. New construction will often require water lines installation. This can be for residential or commercial construction. Water lines installation can bring water to your building for the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Water is necessary for a shower, dishwater, or simply for running water in the sink. If you have an existing building, but are looking to complete a renovation we can help with the water lines. It is often necessary to replace or move existing water lines to a new location that works well with the renovation. Further, we can install new water lines if the prior lines have become broken or damaged. Sometimes, old water lines can become damaged from a lifetime of water running through the pipes. New water lines are not only safer, but they can help save money on high utility costs.
If you have been experiencing higher than usual water bills, but have been maintaining the same habits in your home, chances are you have a leak in the water lines somewhere. When this happens, it is time for water lines repair services. Our team at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service is happy to help with water line repair. We would discuss different repair tactics and methods, and help you come up with the best solution to repair a broken pipe or line. Water lines repair are often necessary to not only save money, but allow a house to properly pass inspection for city or local code. The team at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service is locally based and family owned. We are familiar with local code and are sure to help in your water line installation or repair in a way that meets current regulation standards.
In any building, whether it is a commercial or residential building, it is necessary to have a main shut off valve. This is one central valve in the building where all the water is connected to. If there is a major leak or disaster within the building, all the water can be shut off with a simple turn of the valve. For many commercial buildings, it is necessary to have a main shut off valve in order to be compliant with regulation and building code. Aside from the main shut off valve being a convenience factor, it can be a major safety factor as well. If water begins flooding into a building due to a water main break, an emergency main shut off valve can be used to quickly shut off water before it reaches dangerous electronics or appliances. This is a way to help keep the inhabitants of your building safe. Allow the professionals at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service to install your main shut off valve in your home or office building. We strive for customer satisfaction and are only pleased when our job is completed correctly.

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