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Drain Cabling Service

Comprehensive Drain Cabling Service

We all know the signs of a clogged drain. The water starts to go down the drain a bit slower, and sometimes the drain can begin to have a bad smell as particulates build up and collect. When the signs of a clogged drain present themselves, it is time to call the professionals. At Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service, we offer a range of drain cleaning services to help clear those drains and get your sink, shower, or tub functioning again. We can do hydro jetting for large drains/ main sewer lines, downspouts and area drains. Our jetters can clear clogs or heavy build up inside the pipes, even cut roots. We also have mini jetter  equipment to help clear heavy sludge build up in smaller lines line kitchen sink drain lines. We understand that different parts of the home require different care, so we are happy to recommend the right drain cleaning service for the appropriate problem. Further, we know the common reason for clogs in drains, so we are happy to recommend some best practices, tips, and tricks to help eliminate clogged drains in the future.
Some places in the home are more delicate and thus, have more delicate plumbing systems. The tub and shower, for example, typically require more care to remove clogs in the drain. Our drain cabling service is the perfect solution to clear a clogged shower drain. As part of our drain cabling service, we place a long and slender cable down the drain. The professional plumber spins the cable, which can help break up any collected particulates that have formed. As the clog is removed, the cable is pushed further down the drain until the drain is completely clear. After removing the cable, the technician will flush the drain with plenty of hot water to guarantee that the stubborn clog has been removed once and for all.
One of the best ways to avoid debilitating clogs is to practice regular drain maintenance. Our team at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service is happy to recommend some best practices that can help keep drains and pipes clear and free. Of course, even with the best practices clogs in the drains will still occur. Reach out to the professionals for regular drain maintenance. We are happy to come periodically to your home or commercial building and service your drains. By breaking up any small particulates or clogs that can begin to form, we can prevent a big clog from occurring in the future. A little drain maintenance performed regularly can prevent a very large problem that can cost a great deal of time and money.

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