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Faucet Repairs

Easy and Fast Faucet Repairs

A key part to any plumbing system is the faucet. The faucet, simply put, is the gateway for the water to flow into the sink, tub, or shower. Sometimes from repeated use faucet repairs are necessary. Inside the faucet there are several small moving pieces that are necessary for the faucet to operate. While these parts are built and intended for use, they can eventually wear out. Sometimes in areas with hard or corrosive water these parts can wear out faster than usual. Faucet repairs are usually necessary if the faucet fails to work completely, or if the faucet becomes leaky. A leaky faucet can waste a tremendous amount of water and can add up to higher than usual utility bills. Reach out to the team at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service for any necessary faucet repairs you may have.
Of course, faucets are on the exterior of our homes also. A faucet is a great place to collect water for watering flowers or plants. Many people opt to connect a hose to their outdoor faucet. While this is certainly practical, a house that is left attached can cause undue stress to form on the faucet, causing it to break. Further, sometimes people living in harsh climates do not properly winterize their faucets, leading to ice build up. Ice that is left in the water lines and faucet can cause damage. When this happens, you may be in need of an outdoor faucet repair or replacement. Our team at Tech City Plumbing and Drain Service is happy to meet with you and discuss your options for outdoor faucet repair or replacement. Luckily, most outdoor faucet repair and replacement service calls are fast and straightforward. This can help get you back up and running with a working outdoor faucet

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