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Know When to Search a Plumber near You

One common mistake that homeowners make is not knowing when to search ' plumber near me,' they may think that by trying to fix a problem themselves, they'll save money, or they might think that problem will go away. Often, just the opposite happens, the problem gets bigger, the money you spent trying to fix something gets wasted, and you end up calling a plumber anyway. Don't misunderstand and think that you can't tackle any plumbing issues, you most certainly can, but some are best with the professionals.

Oh No the Drain Is Clogged

You can often unclog a drain with a snake. You can unclog your toilet with a snake or plunger. When neither of these things works, it is usually time to call a plumber. There is a clog that you should not attempt to fix yourself, and you should always call a plumber. If water is coming up through the drain and staying in the sink or tub, call a professional.

  • The water may be coming from the sewer line.

  • It could be a backup from way down deep in one of your pipes.

  • It could be full of bacteria and not something that you want to touch or handle.

Save yourself time and possible health concerns by contacting a professional plumber. They will come out and discuss drain cleaning with you.

Red Water Coming Out of the Faucets

If your water has a rust-colored tint to it, it could be a sign that your hot water tank is about to go. The bottom may get rusted out, and this does not get better on its own, only worse. One morning you'll wake up to no hot water, and a trip to the basement will reveal a minor flood caused the bottom rusting out of your hot water tank. Call for help at the first sign of rusty, warm water.

Water Gushing from Pipes

If you've had a pipe break, call the plumber. Depending on how much water has accumulated, you may be able to turn it off to stop the damage. However, if you're in doubt as to whether or not electrical items have gotten wet, get out of the house, call the plumber and then call your local power company to have the power shut off. Stepping into standing water that has live electricity can be extremely dangerous.

The above are a few of the reasons to call a professional plumber. There are others. When in doubt, call a professional.

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